Choosing a Dog Sitter ~

Here are some guidelines when picking a pet sitter:

  1. 1. Licensed, insured and bonded if possible

  2. 2. Good reputation

  3. 3. References

  4. 4. Requires your vaccination certificate showing all shots are up to date

  5. 5. Requires Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine)

  6. 6. Look for some paperwork - if they are insured, they will need a signed reservation with you to prove you have enlisted their services

  7. 7. Fencing - great, if it is secure.  Look for pet sitters that specifically let you know that they will not let your dog:  outside without supervision, walk without a lead, near aggressive dogs that are off lead, etc.

  8. 8. Contingency Plans - be sure your pet sitter has a local contact number for you, as well as a number for who they are to release your pet to in the event you should not return.  Be sure your sitter has a plan for your pet should they not be able to complete the service (ex: a back up sitter should they have an emergency themselves).  Inclement weather - what is your pet sitters plan should they not be able to get to your pet (a neighbor they can contact), or have to evacuate from a hurricane?  And what are the additional costs?

Bottom line when picking a pet sitter is, they should be asking you several pertinent questions in person or on paper.  If they don’t have a lot of information about you and your pet, there will certainly be a lot of “What if’s” left unanswered and to chance.

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