Step 1 - Start simple.

Most dogs are ‘treat’ motivated.  Some are motivated by ‘praise’.  Regardless, always praise when your pet does something you have asked it to do.  Once you have determined if your pet is treat or praise motivated, you can use that as your tool.

Treats - Most people tend to “over treat”.  It is important to remember that when you are training, you will be giving a lot of treats (every time your pet does what you ask it to do), so very very very small treats (break them up if necessary).  If you are working with a puppy, they will fill up fast.  You don’t want them to fill up on “fast food”  even if you are using healthy treats.  Treats are not a replacement for your pet’s meal.

Length of time to train - Puppies are like children (and some adults), they have a short attention span.  Work on one command at a time.  When they seem to loose interest, call it a day.  Once your pet has learned a command, reinforce it every day for just 5 minutes.

There are some fun tricks you can teach your pet that will impress your friends, but to start, you should teach your pet the commands that will keep them safe and you sane.



Come (or here)

Down (as in - Lay Down)

Off (as in - off the furniture, off your table or off my friend)

Leave it (as in - the other dog you don’t want your dog near, or the piece of chicken that fell on the floor)

Quiet (as in - you have no reason to be barking so quit it, Now)

These 7 basic commands are essential to having a well behaved pet.  Teach one at a time, reinforcing it daily after they have learned it.


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