Poison Prevention

The thought of our precious pets being exposed to something poisonous is unthinkable.  Sadly it happens often.  There are many toxins from foods and medications to plants and even metals.  It is important to identify if your pet has been exposed to something poisonous as soon as possible.  Early detection will allow treating your pet to be easier and less expensive and of course, could save their life. 

TOP 10 TOXINS in the Kitchen


Grapes, raisins and currants

Xylitol/sugar free candy and gum’

Fatty table scraps

Onions and garlic


Human medications

Macadamia nuts

Household cleaners

Unbaked bread dough/alcohol

Key West Dog recommends you contact your veterinarian if you feel your pet has been poisoned.

If you are unable to reach your veterinarian, contact a pet poison control company such as the one listed below.  There is a fee for their services.

Poison Prevention for Dogs ~ ShopKeyWestDog.com

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